We are looking for the future.

WAC intends to build bridges, as the name indicates, between Japan and the countries in the world and to foster friendship and ‘kizuna(bond)’.

70 years have passed since the World War Ⅱ ended, but wars and conflicts are still going on in many places. I wonder if we can solve them by dialogues and mutual concessions. The most important thing is that the people of the world are connected by friendship.

“Deliverative assemblies shall be established on a broad basis and all measures of government decided in accordance with public opinion. “

This is one of the principles of founding new Japan promulgated more than 140 years ago.
We can talk to one another in meaningful and friendly manners by exchanging ideas, having well defined purposes for our own interests.

In this connection, the Tokyo Olympics should be an important step to realize our purposes.

WAC helps you to build a system to get connected with the people in the world and consult one another without leaving Japan.

President of World Arch Company Ltd.
Keigo Shimono