Brief history of WAC

World Arch Company Ltd.IBLC Company Ltd.Business Partnership→

1994 A division to support the liaisons between the industries and the academics was established in the NEWS Company Ltd.
Compilation of data base of the researchers and engineers of the national universities was started
1995 Issued Lists of the research institutes of National and Public Universities Ⅰ・Ⅱ
The chairperson of the editorial committee Akito Arima(former The Tokyo University president, former The Minister of Education).

Donation to the United Nations University.

1999 Idea Bank Liaison Center was reorganized and IBLC was established.
2002 KMP(knowledge market place) to support technological and business development was started.
The data base listed 50 thousand researchers and its information and it was provided to various companies.
2009 happylier Associates Company Ltd. was established.
2013 IBLC constructed a new system of cooperation among the industries, governments and the academics to change Tsukuba.
IBLC also accepted a request from Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2013 The name of the Happylier Associates Company Ltd. was changed to World Arch Company Ltd.
2015 Specialists of engineering was increased to 300.
2016 ‘ Sakura Five Liaison Land’ Project was launched.