IBLC Company Ltd.

Types of Solution

Partner Finding and Coordination

We make researches, in Japan and abroad, to find the right universities, research institutes and firms for the clients who want to establish business or R&D partnership.
If asked, we are ready to initiate contact with these institutes for the clients and make necessary arrangement.

Technical Advice

Our experts have ample experience of solution and can give advices or engage consultations for the clients who are in need of assistance to solve technological or manufacturing problems.

features of IBLC

① Experts of R&D and Business

Many of our experts actually worked in big firms before and even have management skills. With their knowledge and experience they can help you in a wide ranging problems.

② Teams of Experts in Other Areas

We organize a project team of experts for each client which will be the core of our assistance.

③ Technology Based Solutions

We can help the clients to make correct judgements in various areas including technological developments in the future, fully utilizing our capacity to analyze the problems.