Privacy Policy

We are fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information and handle it with utmost care in following manners;.
  1. Compliance
    We handle personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  2. Collection, utilization and submission of personal information
    1. We collect personal information lawfully and by fair means.
    2. We utilize and submit personal information in so far as the objective of collection justifies.
  3. Proper holding of personal information
    We keep personal information under the Safety Control to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction and leak.
  4. Education
    We provide our employees with education concerning the protection of personal information.
  5. Constant review and improvement
    We constantly review the protection of personal information and related activities and improve our system for better protection and management.

1st October 2009
President of World Arch Company Ltd.
Tetsuya Shimono

On the use of personal information

  1. Collection and registration of personal information
    We keep and hold personal information of the clients which was submitted in the business relations with us.
  2. Objectives of utilization of personal information
    We use the personal information of the clients only to reply to the questions from the clients or to send E-mails or documents for business information.
  3. Prohibition of submission or disclosure of personal information to the third parties
    We keep personal information under strict control and do not disclose it except for the following cases;
    • When the clients agree.
    • When we submit information to the third party who needs it in order to carry out the service requested by the clients.
  4. Safety control of personal information
    We keep personal information under strict control for its protection and safety.
  5. Questions from clients
    When the client wants to ask questions of, or modify, or delete his/her personal information, we ask the client to reconfirm their identity.


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